Success is for you! You do deserve it!

I haven’t always had the best relationship with corporate! The long, stressful hours for a salary that factored in the opportunity to work for them. Yup, I took a pay cuts because they offered me a job!

I did this time and time again as I never thought I would ever have my own business.

Plus, financial security has always very important to me and despite been made redundant twice by the age of 28, I still believed that working for someone else and burning yourself out to climb the corporate ladder was my best option. 

Today, I have my own coaching business and am writing this blog from Kensington Gardens (before it starts to rain again).

In a previous social media training, I was putting together a few draft points for my ad and was told by many that the copy didn’t make any sense. They didn’t believe you can have Travel More and Career Progression in the one ad as you can’t have both at the same time!

I am proof that you can!

Within 2 years of making the decision to start my own business, I am a company director learning about marketing, accounting, systems and operations… working with clients around the world from wherever I choose (pre-and post-lockdown).

And it all started with a book, my passion, my laptop and a free training weekend!

Starting a business is hard, and not everyone wants to start and run their own company. I was that person only 2 years ago! 

But what I want you to take away from this is that if it is what you want, you can make it happen. 

You already have what you need within yourself – the curiosity and determination. And if you don’t know something, when you become a business owner you quickly learn to become very resourceful (hello Google!).

So, long story short… If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. — Cassey Ho

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Image by Styled Stock Society.

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