Time to step up… and out of my comfort zone

I love my comfort zone! I love hanging out in my own little bubble. But unfortunately the quotes on Instagram are right… life does begin outside of your comfort zone!

Job security, money security, routine security were always really important to me and I maintained them as my highest priority and for the year that I was studying and starting my business … so I kept working full time so I could hold on to my security with a very tight grip. And the result… I began burning out and falling behind on everything. This pushed me to re-evaluate my situation and the decided action was completely out of my comfort zone.

I gave up my full time job, letting go of main securities and began working from home and focusing on creating my castle. This was a very scary step which took a little adjusting to get use to.

Everyone’s comfort zone is different and even a small change can have a big impact on our mindset and out actions.

Many of my clients are challenged during their sessions to see what options they have available to help them achieve their goals and every time, they find themselves stepping up to the challenge and deciding on actions that push them from their comfort zone into their stretch zone.. the zone where the magic happens!

The rewards for this step can be extremely empowering and by reflecting on your achievements, you will expand your comfort zone and be more confident to continue and try new things.

I raise a glass to those who are brave, bold and continuously work hard everyday to become comfortable outside of their comfort zone.

So, long story short…. A comfort zone is a great place… but nothing every grows there – Anon

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