I’m taking back control!

Last week I was working with my coach on my values and beliefs. The timing was perfect as it was the same week I was attending my final Personal Performance Diploma training day, Values and Beliefs. It was also good timing as became very relevant to my mindset.

For months I had been successfully powering through my training and setting up the business whilst working full time. There were lots of ups and downs in my journey. It was full of wins and mistakes… my First Attempts In Learning… but every time I felt like I was stuck, I broke it down and was able to power through.

But this time it felt different.

Before I would easily find something “more important” to do to avoid building my website or starting my blog. Now I’m approaching the pointy end of the process and I am running out of those “more important” things to do. So, I kept finding myself staring at my motivational desktop wallpapers until I could find something else to do or felt like I deserved a break.

As I began falling behind, I just felt more overwhelmed by everything that I had to do to catch up. I found it easier to talk about ideas than actually take action.

Fortunately, this didn’t go unnoticed in my coaching sessions and we spent some time working through what was causing the sudden block in my actions.

I had previously tried identifying my own values, beliefs and fears on my own, and I really thought I had it all figured out. Turned out… I didn’t. It is too easy to tell myself the little lies about me being who I want to be and keep me in my comfort zone.

When you work with a coach, you are able to understand your motivators at a deeper level. They really listen to what you say, what you don’t say and can challenge you in a way that can empower you to push through the beliefs that can be holding you back.

For me, I learnt that I will happily stay in my comfort zone if stepping out of it means I will lose control. When I find myself doubting my decisions or feel overwhelmed by constant feedback, I take swift action to remove myself from this situation so that I can regain control and be back in my comfort zone again, something I was telling myself was “freedom”.

It sounds simple, and possibly common enough, but when it come to your business, or any big life decisions, it can really hold us back.

Whilst I’m building my business, I don’t want to remove myself from any situations anymore. I want to enjoy the journey, to celebrate the wins, to learn from the mistakes and to gain more self-awareness along the way. I am taking back control! I am not letting the fear keep me from chasing my dream, achieving my goal and being a successful coach.

Our values, beliefs and fears are all very personal to us and have an incredible impact on our thoughts and actions every day. What could be stopping you from living life as your best self every day?

So, long story short… Taking control over things does matter, but the way in which it is taken matters more – Aditi Gadhvi

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