Meet the Founder

Kristy Biggs

Mindset Coach

As a Mindset Coach and owner of Creating Your Castle Coaching, Kristy has helped small business owners around the world to overcome their fear of failure, fear of the process, and fear of their success.

Kristy believes that our mindset plays a pivotal role in determining our success as it impacts all areas of our business, and no number of courses, programs or systems can make us overcome confidence and money mindset blocks.

In addition to her Mindset Coaching, Kristy works at Henley Business School as an Apprenticeship Tutor in the Executive Education Department, supporting learners progress through their Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship.

Kristy’s curiosity in personal development has led to her studying a BSc in Psychology, providing her a deeper understanding of how our minds work, and how her clients can achieve greater success through her coaching.

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