Learning from our First Attempt In Learning Stories

That’s right! Time to learn from out F.A.I.L.S!!

With a bit more time on my hands recently, I have been reading a few short business books and they all keep talking about failure – they have stats on the number of businesses that fail, they tell you what to do so that you don’t fail and then they talk about their own failures. 

But… the reason I’m able to read their books now is because they didn’t let failure stop them! They didn’t want to be another statistic so they went back to the drawing board, rather than calling it a day.

They have owned their ‘failures’ and have welcomed them in as part of their business story. They have embraced their learning and asked for feedback, allowing the experience to guide them in a different direction. 

What isn’t always in the books and what we need to remember is that sometimes you need to allow yourself time to learn from your experience and pick yourself back up again! Often this doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes it takes a little bit more than our sheer determination to get back to taking on the world. 

I’m still early days in my business and I already have a number of things that haven’t quite gone to plan…

  • Marketing campaigns that didn’t bring about any results… at all
  • Investing in training that wasn’t quite right for my audience, me and my business
  • Letting people’s opinions cast doubt on my own success … the hardest of all lessons to learn!

But I’m not ready to give up on my dream, not by a long shot! So, I continue to follow my learning cycle:

You can be powerful on your own. You can inspire people with your own voice. You can begin building your castle with your own idea… oh and some WI-FI and coffee!

So, long story short… Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? — Yoda

Photo by Timothy L Brock

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