Finding your way back to your purpose and passion

In life, business, relationships and travel, we all occasionally lose our way. We lose sight of our destination – our purpose and our passion.

Most of the time we just need to take a break or change our environment. To give ourselves a chance to sit back and look at the bigger picture again and remind ourselves of our Whys.

But what do you do if you can’t? Or if it doesn’t work? How do you realign yourself with your purpose and reconnect with your passion again?

This is something I personally experienced in my business during lockdown.

What business owners and entrepreneurs don’t share on Instagram is the number of hours they work and the hours of lost sleep, especially in the beginning.

We don’t share the full stories about the struggles we have with imposter syndrome, self-doubt and the hesitations you have about what to do, how to do it and if you are able to do it.

We keep to ourselves the amount of finances and time we have invested in ourselves and the business – training, marketing, systems. We miss nights out and skip holidays as we pour all of our time, money and energy into our business.

In the beginning, you feel like you’re on fire and can take on the world. You’re excited to share your dreams and passions with the world all whilst being your own boss! But after a while you begin to question – how do I know this is worth it? How will I know everything will be okay?

These are thoughts that crept up for me, especially during lockdown when it was hard to feel inspired and creative, when I began to feel like I was living Groundhog Day.

I found myself struggling to meditate and slow my mind. I was feeling less and less motived to journal. All the planning in the world couldn’t help me create, write and share. And planning is my thing!

So, I took a few days off… but even that couldn’t reignite the fire that was once in my belly.

Eventually I found my way back to where I am today. How?

Whilst I was doubting myself and my business, those around me didn’t stop believing in me.

I was fortunate to be kept going by my amazing, committed and very much appreciated cheer squad – my partner and family that have the greatest amount of love and unshakeable belief in me, my clients who share their energy, support and excitement with me, and the people who show up in our lives when we need them… and take you crystal shopping, surrounding you with positive energy and beauty. I am now in love with Venusrox Crystals in Notting Hill!

So, for myself, and the everyone who needs to hear this…

  • It’s okay to pause, or stop, if you need to. You will always find your way back if and when you’re ready.
  • It’s okay to take a break from being positive all of the time. Listen to what your body and emotions are telling you, or they will find a way to make their message clearer.
  • It’s okay to rely on those around you to support and help you find your way. You don’t have to do it alone.

So, long story short … She’s Sos, she’s got this! – My Dad who believed in me when I wasn’t able to believe in myself.

Image by Styled Stock Society.

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