It’s Time to Pivot Again

So, 2020 hasn’t quite gone as planned, but it’s not over yet! There’s still time to pause, pivot and be proud of yourself.

It feels like over the last few months that everywhere I turned I was being told to pivot. In my personal routines, business… pivot!

It got to the point that when I went outside and saw people adjusting to their new daily exercise routines, a voice in my head was congratulating them on their excellent pivoting (yes, that really did happen!).

So, as things start to change … once again this year… where do you begin when you need to pivot?

1. Pause

Firstly, you need to know where you are starting from.

It’s more than okay to just stop. To observe your surroundings and take everything in. Take all the time you need, and come back to this when you need to.

2. Pivot

Now for the fun part – pivoting!

Whether it’s in your normal day to day ways, or in your business, we all have core values and routines that keep us going in a constant direction.

Our methods and routines keep changing, but our why and what we stand for hasn’t.

You can ask yourself:

  • What new resources and opportunities do you now have available to you?
  • How can you reach out to and connect with people?
  • What crazy idea have you kept putting to the back of your mind because you thought it was crazy?

3. Be Proud

Always, always, always take time to be proud of your journey, your strengths and your achievements.

No matter what your experience has been this year, we have all:

  • Come together in some way to still make someone smile
  • Taken extra care to learn, understand and look after people we care about, and people we haven’t met
  • Learnt something new and developed new skills
  • Formed a new and deep appreciation for the things we once took for granted

So, long story short… When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Viktor Frankl

Photo by Green Chameleon .

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