True Benefits of Coaching

What does success look like to you?

Is it a dream house, holiday or car? Or is it to have great work/life balance?

For me it was to have my own successful coaching business, to be debt free and financially abundant, and to be able to travel the world staying in stunning places before returning to my beautiful home and puppy!

Why were these things important to me? Why did I recognise them as success?

In some way they all represented values that were important to me.

In my blog, Your Journey – Your Transformation, I talked about the benefits and transformations that I experienced from coaching.

Today I wanted to take this one step further and talk more about the true benefits of coaching, achieved through Mindset Coaching.

So, what are true benefits?

I once had a business mentor ask me “What it would mean to you to earn £10k in one month?”

I responded with “Being on my way to being debt free” – a benefit!

She went a little deeper and asked “What would that look like?”

Before I realised it, I was opening up more… “It would mean sleep! It would mean being able to leave my house (this was pre-lockdown) and go visit places locally and afar, to be able to give myself permission to indulge myself guilt free.”

These were the TRUE benefits – sleep, flexibility, independence, freedom, confidence!

So, looking back at my previous definition of success, I saw that what I really wanted was to be independent, rather than working and living by someone else’s rules.

I wanted so much to able to sleep at night knowing that I could afford my bills and have financial freedom.

To reduce my levels of anxiety and build my confidence by being able to change my environment and go on adventures that get me out of my own head and help break the cycle of negative self-talk.

Over the past few years, I have invested a lot of time and money in the benefits of coaching. We focused on the steps involved in building an audience and community so I could offer my coaching services to more people. I made the commitment to show up as someone who is bold, brave and consistent. 

I know I talk a lot about how important it is to have the right mindset for success, and this is key for fulfilling your true benefits from your goals!

Learning the Clique Method of Coaching and NLP has helped me go to the next level in my journey and transformation.

One example that demonstrates this was my thoughts around money! I use to focus my attention to increasing my income and started to associate my success to the money in the bank. I had a negative relationship with money. Subconsciously I worked hard to keep it out of my life, not attract it!

Exploring my mindset around money, I looked at what the true benefits were of having money. Money meant sleep, flexibility, independence, freedom, confidence – all the things I was looking for.

Once I began viewing money in a different way, it began to flow more easily into my life.

As they say, money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you options!

I’m still also working on attracting a puppy into my life! If you are finding that you are stuck or have reached a limit on your goal, it may help to consider what are the true benefits behind your goals? Are these congruent with your values and beliefs? How important are these true benefits to you?

So, long story short… A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything – Irish Proverb.

Photo by Annie Spratt.

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