Your Journey – Your Transformation

Signing up your first client is one of the most exciting times for a coach… if not the most! It marks a time when you are no longer a wantpreneur and become “a real business owner”. What we don’t always realise is that we have a very important client long before that, they just don’t pay you or sign a contract. 

For every coach who has trained, journaled, worked through the recommended reading and completed the personal development workbooks, we are out first client. 

Throughout my training, I have completed endless exercises and practices where I have had to play the role of coach and client. I have had to look inwards and answer the tough questions myself. I have experienced the transformation from coaching first hand. 

I was able to identify my true strengths and focus on my core zone of genius, all because I was able to learn what they are. 

Coaching is a process. We are trained on the right questions to ask, how to really listen and on the multiple techniques and tools to use. But there is so much more to coaching.

So why am I sharing this with you?

I normally write about the coaching process, aiming to give you valuable insight into how you can take steps towards understanding yourself more and live life as your best self every day.

But today I wanted to talk about the benefits of coaching – the Transformations!

When I think back to my first training day with The Coaching Academy in 2018, I was petrified to leave my chair and talk to other people. By the end of 2019, I was hosting group coaching and networking nights. 

This is only one tangible example of my transformation.

When I was working with my High-Performance Coach, I had to decide on three words that I would use to describe how my successful self would show up every day. At the beginning of the program, they were Focused, Curious and Passionate. By the end of the program I reflected back and realised that I had truly and very comfortably become these things.

So, it was time to come up with three more… I chose Brave, Bold and Consistent. These were a little more outside of my comfort zone than my first three had been.

Six months later, I still repeat those words to myself every day.

Every decision I make, every action (or inaction) I take, I ask myself “Am I being bold in my message? Am I being brave for taking this step? Am I being consistent with my goals and my values?”

These three words have bought me to where I am today, sharing this story with you now. They are the words that my brand and business have been build around.

In 2018, I was at a point in my life when I was ready for a change, to take control of my life. My goal was to become a qualified coach and start my own business. Having worked with a coach, I have now achieved this and more. I was able to find myself, my purpose, my confidence, my fulfilment and the joy in my life I had already created for myself.

Whilst most of my clients focus on these areas, not everyone wants start their own business or become a coach themselves.

And that’s the wonderful thing about coaching… It’s not a one size fits all process! It works completely around you as the client. Its focus is always your goals, your values, your decisions.

It’s your journey, and it’s one that doesn’t stop when the coaching sessions stop!

So, long story short… Be Bold, Brave and Consistent … Be You! – Kristy Biggs

Photo by Artem Kovalev.

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