Doing the right thing isn’t always easy

Whilst we have been experiencing social distancing, self-isolation and watching our lives slow down for a moment, I have been chatting with friends and family more and more over the phone.

In these conversations, one consistent theme is standing out for me as we encounter this tough and unique time where we are being pushed out of our daily routine and our comfort zones.

The theme is doing what’s right, not what is easy… a lesson that my Mum is still teaching me to this day!

Due to recent events in our extended family, we have been talking a lot about the past and the obstacles my mother has faced in order to protect her family and the people she loves.  

By putting her family first, she has faced many challenges including being misunderstood, receiving little or no support and constant backlash from some of those closest to her.

My mum has always stood her ground, regardless of the criticism and consequences to herself. To those who know her, she has always stood to defend those who could not defend themselves.  

Her values and her strengths have always inspired me and has influenced the person I am today.

I have been called argumentative rather than curious and open-minded. Stubborn rather than determined. Crazy rather than faithful or free. But I know in myself that I am following my mother’s good example by standing up for myself, my beliefs and my values.

Right now, what is easy is to continue living as normal, going about our every day with shopping, enjoying the sun in the park and catching up with friends at their place or the pub.

What is right is to stay at home and protect your family, and people you will never meet.

So, long story short… Be the woman you want your daughter to be!

Image by Free-Photos

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