What do you mean I might succeed?

Most people don’t start because of fear of failure. Some don’t start because they fear the process… the sacrifices, new habits, having to learn new skills.

But there’s a third and surprisingly common fear… the fear of success! This lessor known fears holds so many people back from achieving something amazing in their life without them realising it. 

Our current hardships and situations become our safety blanket and we find it easier to maintain relationships with people as we find understanding and support in the struggle, whether it be with money, relationships, health and our careers.

We have all experienced the shift in people around us when someone does succeed. Conversations go from “that’s okay, your still doing great” to “who do they think they are?” 

We are subconsciously conditioned that some success is a negative experience. Great career success, amazing relationships, even buying a house… Why do we get to have success when so many people around us are still struggling?

So, we begin to dampen our glow. We hide and down play our success. We almost feel ashamed of ourselves.

I often hear this happening from my clients. They seek to find flaws in their life to help people feel better about their own situations.

By doing pointing out our shortcomings, we maintain the status quo. We get to keep our relationships and avoid criticism of the things we care about most, the things we took bold action to excel and succeed. 

But what is the fear of success costing us? What situations are we tolerating to protect those around us? 

It’s important to really ask yourself, what would happen if you were successful? How would your successful self show up every day and handle situations thrown your way?

We mustn’t ever feel fear of success! Its okay for situations and relationship to change. It’s okay to grow as a person.

So, long story short… Your vibe attracts your tribe… just make sure it’s a tribe that supports you being proud of your success. 

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