Who am I? How can I make an impact on others?

These two questions were first put to me when I was reading about blogging and they are two important questions, both for my own and others curiosity.

I first came to London from Sydney in 2013. I had the cliché pub job, worked at the British Museum for a bit, lived in a share house and had some random London adventures. But I missed the sunshine and headed back to Australia… where I just ended up missing London. Fortunately, I was able to move back to London and in 2016 the UK became my new, more permanent, home.

London is an amazing, vibrant city. I love that everyone can feel welcome and you are never alone. There are endless opportunities available anyone looking to grow as a person or build their career.

Throughout my moves, I have learnt a lot about myself. I learnt I can laugh at myself when I do things the hard way. I learnt that I’m not one to sit still, my mind is always curious and has to be kept busy. I also learnt that others are not responsible for your happiness. You are the one who can decide what defines happiness for you and it has to be you who has to take the actions to create for yourself.

Many years ago, a manager who taught me that it was fine for me to identify areas where there’s room for improvement, but I also need to identify a solution. This lesson has made such a big impact on my mindset and has helped me to keep taking action to create my own happiness. I was also fortunate to work with an amazing mentor who taught that Champagne is always the answer!

I have always been someone who enjoys rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. My curiosity loves identifying the problem, working out a solution and learning from the experience. There have been times where I shouldn’t have got involved, but from every situation, I have learnt invaluable skills on how to read situations and understand people’s thinking, actions and logic.

But my life hasn’t always been about moving between cities and learning new skills. My hardest challenge came when my Dad passed away a few years ago. I adored him and will forever thank him for his love, belief in me, taste in music and sense of humour. And just to keep me on my toes, Life threw in finalising my divorce at the same time. And yes, thing do come in threes. I had also been evicted from my flat in London a couple of weeks prior. A good lesson in London renting!

This experience provided me with an opportunity to become more self-aware and understand my mindset at a deeper level. I chose to learn more about the causes and impact of anxiety and depression on our lives. I learnt how practising mindfulness can help you identify your emotions and work with them. I have now found coaching and are experiencing its benefits of greater self-awareness, overcoming my barriers and enjoying the future focus impact.   

I continue to look on the diamond side of life and always ask myself, What’s Next? I cannot wait to create and build my Personal and Business Performance Coaching company, Creating Your Castle and see where my story takes me.

So, long story short… Life; it’s just an endurance test! – Dennis Biggs

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